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History of Superior Tile & Floor Coverings

In 1981, Vince & Giuseppina D'Arcangelo, opened their first flooring store in a small storefront in the Pine Plaza. They had a dream of creating & leaving a legacy for their children & grandchildren.

Fast forward 40 years, Superior Tile & Floor Coverings has built a foundation of quality workmanship that has served Sault Ste. Marie and surrounding areas with excellence.

The store is now managed with the same caliber by Vince & Giuseppina's son, Anthony.

When you work with Superior Tile & Floor Coverings you can expect a higher level of quality and customer service from beginning to project completion.

The store follows the motto set by Vince since the beginning.

"When you do a job, you do it so well the customer never needs to call you back!" Vince D'Arcangelo

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